Something Great About You

An average human being today is good at something. They could be having some good dancing skills, can talk so well or can even swing on trees better than monkeys. Yet,  with all this mix of abilities in our societies, only a few people are widely acknowledged to have been great while they lived. That’s to say, most of the people you see today are average – good in this and that and not just great.

There is always one thing that you can be amazing at. I’m imagining the sewing skills if mother Teresa and the cricket abilities of Mahatma Gandhi and I bet there is really nothing to put in a book there. Yet these great personalities had something about them that immortalised their names for centuries.

So then, what can we learn about this matter (by that I mean how much have I learned from my books and movie binges)? Greatness results from focus. It’s about losing your attention on several things and investing it in one of your greatest strengths or what I will call the “the thing”. I prefer to use the word focus here.

Think about that successful business person that came from the cents that poverty is about to billions of dollars in assets. Rarely do you find them excelling as ladies men or as athletes as well. Most of them are divorcees that are not so good at many other things. Yet, they’ll be lost without their businesses. They have made their lives all about their brands that they have had to sacrifice some parts of their lives.

You’re therfore not going to be great if you want everything like every average person. You must make a choice to pursue “the thing” regardless of the cost to self. The cost might be that pretty girlfriend that steals your mind when you need it the most or the very job that helps you pay the bills.

That’s why “the thing” must be something you really love. You can’t make all the heavy sacrifices unless it’s for something you enjoy. The thing must be a combination of fun, meaning and ultimately,  service to humanity. This is something you can do for free.

Lastly,  most people die without finding the thing. These people are commonly  known as average people which is what describes the man on your church benches or the guy at the park. To have and discover the thing is perhaps one of God’s best gifts to a human being. If you haven’t found it, keep pushing yourself and you will soon find something truly great about you. But first, learn to let go of things you’re merely a spectator about.


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