My Previous Employer

The word mercy means many things to most people. However,  I prefer to remember the word in light of one Mercy that I knew back in college. She was an aptly named person,  a cheerful and supportive young lady with a giant heart. She was an embodiment of a common church phrase “cheerful giver” with a natural and genuine liking for people .

No one misses such characters in this economy, especially when you’re a very broke University student. From a few casual greetings,  we moved quickly from acquaintances to friends,  and after a few great conversations, she asked me to tutor her in English grammar. She was then an undergraduate student studying English and literature and she must have made the assumption that I was studying the same given my then obvious superior mastery of the language. I’m not exactly a liar but I agreed to sessions (especially now that she was paying) without letting out the inconvenient truth that I was only an enthusiastic user of the language and not particularly a student of the same.

Following our small agreement,  we started meeting under a dimly lit area where I shared a few tips on English grammar like an amateur would. Our sessions were full of fun and games because they resembled ordinary friendly conversations with minimal formalities. Perhaps the ease with which we took what would have been tense learning sessions is what led us to finally becoming an item – a few weeks into my then very fulfilling job. I confessed to her that my lessons were actually mere remains of what I had learned in high school thinking she will start hitting and screaming. True to her name and character,  she responded with gratitude mixed with understanding. This same incredible treatment was to go on for over a year.

I can’t exactly count the number of times she came through for me in bleak times. I can only recall that she was more than a friend, a girlfriend and God knows, she took care of me like she owed me something. She is one of those people that could tolerate lots of crap from one person – and still smile while at it. Unfortunately, life got between us and we lost contact. I’m sure she is a blessing wherever she is.


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