My date with the interviewer

There is quite some scarcity in employment right now. There are just too many people who are either unemployed or underemployed and hence the ballooning army of jobseekers. People are starving out there. Frames are getting smaller and sending flash back texts is becoming too much of an only use some phones might be having.

The most telling indicator of just how bad this situation of landing a decent gig is the many applications are sent in when a single job is advertised.  A friend of mine once asked me to apply for a job. Hoping that the guy had the connections to get me, i did a good job in submitting a good cover letter and cv. A few weeks later I call him up to inquire and he lets me know that he is not in charge then he tells me the very thing I knew, the company had received over a thousand applications for just that single position. As you can imagine I had to forget about the whole issue altogether.

A few weeks later, I got the call and you wouldn’t imagine my surprise, I had just won the interview to heaven, or so i thought. It was when I arrived at the interview venue that i realized there was nothing special about me. There were about ten men in their forties waiting nervously for questions about whether they liked watermelons or preferred porridge instead. I also got to learn that the position was far much smaller than I thought it would be and was only six months long.

This was me thinking but you should have seen my colleagues! They looked literally hungry in ill-fitting suits and their faces showed misery.  Ok for now I will sincerely advise everyone who can’t really afford a proper suit to avoid those things – they give away a broke man too easily.  But i digress.

At first i didn’t think i stood a chance against people who have more than three times my experience but something told me this folks might not be a threat.  This gave me the confidence to go through the whole thing and return to my life. Well that was the best I was going to get anyway – those guys looked to serious about getting the job; I could hear a few continuous prayer recitations from each.

Well, the day passed, I had lunch and the call regretting that I was the best…but we won’t hire you came and that was it. I didn’t get the job but I learned something, life is hard. People are going through stuff out there trying to make ends meet. The fact that someone can summon ten fully grown men to a job interview says a lot about how people are starting to take job seekers for granted. The interviews have become a place where some people travel and spend all day in small time discussions about petty things that wouldn’t mean anything in the real world. This situation has made people even more and more frustrated at joining the rest of the economy in going to work with suits and owning stuff.

My suggestion is someone or people need to seek and support entrepreneurship or some other solution that reduces this dependency on employment.


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