Trump the Winner

I’m not really sure if the the Trump family had the “trump card” phrase when they were coming up with the name. But “The Donald” or as he’s officially known, Donald J. Trump, seems to really love his name a little too much. He feels  like his name is the “best” brand there is and has no problem putting it on everything he builds.

Trump is perhaps the biggest self promoter around – which is also his biggest strength. He has managed to paint the picture of success so much that the people who matter have had no choice but to believe it. This kind of trust coming from billionaire investors is priceless to a real estate developer. This explains why his Trump Organization is one of the world’s largest real estate companies.

Trump does really love success just as he is very successful at what he does. He talks success and distances himself from failure as much as possible. He is also not very good at keeping secrets such as his apparent no-so-much respect for Senator McCain as a US war veteran and as a presidential candidate. Trump likes “the number one show”, “the best building in Manhattan” and generally, “success”. This list doesn’t look like “the war hero who got captured” or even worse the “the loser of presidential elections”. It will be interesting to see whether some of the interesting things he has been very bold enough to say will come back at him.


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