Few Days in the Capital

Funny city dwellers trying to pay bills
Funny city dwellers trying to pay bills

According to my obviously limited knowledge of cities, Nairobi is by far one of the most talked about in the world. Villages of Kenya are awash with all sorts of tales about funny experiences one is likely to experience in Nairobi. While some are completely rib cracking, others are frightening especially to many a small boy with real prospects of leaving his village to the big city.

To start with, as I authoritatively hear, life can be very expensive for most people. A big percentage of the city residents are confined to living in the crowded slums and eating horrible githeri cooked on the road sides. Their drinking water tests suspiciously too much like raw sewage. As if this is not enough from saitan, they are perpetually in cat and mouse games with landlords and other sorts of creditors. Speaking of credit, it is really expensive to borrow money in the slums. Besides the strict deadlines of about two weeks , you also are charged with a thirty percent interest. Defaulting means forfeiture of stuff you really need such as a phone or TV. Well, in short, an average city dweller is living shitty any way you look at it – fancy clothes or not.

This was my mindset when i shifted base from the much village-like city of Mombasa to the capital. Turns out most of the rumours were actually true. But nothing prepared me for the cold water part. I’m enduring every morning – the difficulty in getting out f a warm bed to a cold morning and cold water cannot be exaggerated. What’s more, my pad can only be accessed by a path that passes too close to a dumpsite with a not so great smell.

But, I must admit, this has been exciting.  The days are much shorter; thanks to the many relatives and friends I have been able to interact with. There are more business opportunities this end of the earth.  The possibilities of success look a lot more real, giving one the strength to overlook the rather uncomfortable living and sometimes, working conditions.

Glory be to God


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