Hard work or Luck?

It has been a very long battle with dependency, independence, pride, uncertainty, grief, shame, nice moments and a whole mix of experiences for the last few decades I have walked the earth. One thing I have learnt is that things just don’t get either better or worse with time, they do both. Things are a lot more complex than they look, switching colours as you switch your standing point. If it is simple you don’t understand it, if it is too complicated, you are clueless. Perhaps that’s why there are good arguments for and against just about anything and lawyers are in business.

 It is for this reason that I have chosen to accept my past, try and enjoy the present and prepare for the future without worrying too much. But there is something about worrying that I can’t exactly let go of; the fact that the future is hardly guaranteed. I try to be religious about it but then again I have a strong feeling that I can do more than sit on my loins and pray.  I think it’s the average thing to do to just hope that some stroke of luck will find you.

The latter is in fact a show of fear, what Robert Greene characterised as what gets you stuck in a rut of your own making. It is the addiction to boring familiarity mixed with being terrified of the unknown. Much of it, a life that depends on the comfort that religion provides, scared of a little shakeup of the status quo. Live average, die average. Hardly my preference though, I want to wade through dangerous waters and bear the pain of wrong decisions if I must. But then again, I continue to be a subject of weak leadership provided by the luckies.  People who struck gold right under their own beds and didn’t have to walk the long and painful path of hard work. As I said, it’s never that simple, it’s never that complicated either.

I have realized there is never going to be gold in my bedroom and I may not even have a bedroom if I don’t work hard as hard as I can. I have taken a long time to consider my options and hard work remains to be the basic principle in the myriad of other variables involved. I’m alive to the element of luck; something that can really be discouraging especially to the religious kind.  Sometimes, tough luck might make you a subject of failure even in your commitment to excellence and success. But then again, can you really tilt the compass of luck? Hardly.

But some people differ, they believe you can actually change destiny by convincing a supreme being about it. Apparently, sometimes the deity might just like you or admire your good character and heap favours on you. Yet this notion has never been used to explain inequality in the world. Why are people not in your religion more successful if your preferred deity is “the provider”?  That sounds messed up already. I like the Nigerian pastor, Blessed Oguguamakwa Dikeh, who simply explained away the issue, “If you are in poverty and cannot pay your house rent then you are already in hell. But when you are in heaven, even if you reside in a flat, your landlord will come and beg you for money.”

In conclusion, I think luck is something you can’t exactly change that much. All these other things like religion are mere attempts to explain things that have not been explained. The real difference lies in hard work. It is doing the best with the little that luck (or blessings) has afforded you. So go out there and do something with your good hands.



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