Consider Buying a Used Phone


The iPhone 5

Phones have revolutionized society. People are doing things a lot more easily and quickly than ever thanks to these magical gadgets. They have moved from easing communication to well, just about everything. Information is now spreading round the world, penetrating villages and remote corners of the world with incredible ease. Apparently, no serious player can do without thinking of putting an M somewhere in their business.

There is a new twist to this phone story; lifestyles. Phones not only define lifestyles but have become a serious symbol of status. They have brought madness akin to what fashion chasers suffer from. Many people no longer look at phones as use items but as trophies to be held out for the world to see. You would spot some expensive looking phone on every restaurant or bar table these days. One wonders if the little thing cannot just fit into a pocket or handbag somewhere. They idea is to show the world that the “boss” knows the latest iPhone or wherever.

Maybe straight thinking people should ask some questions about what phones are about. They are actually about making life easier. If you have a phone that has just as many applications as you need then you’re good. There is no justification for one disposing his iPhone 4 just because they are curious about the iPhone 5. Unfortunately, that is happening a lot. This has resulted in increased e-waste generation.

But wait a minute; this is an opportunity for good entrepreneurs.  Used phones, some just as good as new, are now being given out for a song in online market places. Mark you new phones depreciate in value much faster than perishable foods. Any right thinking person should now consider shopping for a used phone as opposed to a new one.

This will do a lot of justice to the environment; now overwhelmed by the increasing generation of e-waste aggravated by the recent switching off of fake phones by the Communication Commission of Kenya(CCK).


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