Civil Servants are Murdering our Economy

Today’s victory of the teachers’ union is not exactly the victory of Kenyans. It will cost Kenyans more and there is absolutely nothing to smile about unless, of course, you’re dependent on a teacher.

The inequalities in Kenya are obvious; right from our very own households to the highest levels. Perhaps, to some extent, God intended it that way and we can’t do anything about it. How do you explain why some of us so tall while other are barely taller than the ground? Anyway, those are questions that religion or some other wise people can teach you, not that I have any complaints about my height either. my problem lies with the many who fail to appreciate that we all cannot be the same. I think everybody should just come to terms with their income and stop complaining like they have no options. It’s not bad to go on strike; not any bad, but just don’t do it through out your career.

According to our current national budget report for this financial year 2012/2013, the economy was projected to grow at a 5.2 % rate. The budget report identified Agriculture and Information communication technology sectors as the basis for this growth. Needless to say, the growth in these sectors should be encouraged if these projections are to hold true.

Therefore, those who want to get rich can exploit the many opportunities that come with innovations in ICT and agricultural investments fuelled by improved technologies and industrial growth. Just so then, why can’t all these striking people get that! Go home and farm; or better still, do something about your ICT skills and see how you can make some money out it. That is in fact the future.

I want to point out that the Kenyan wage bill is a very big problem given the many commissions, offices and the coming county governments that the constitution creates. In the year 2012/2013 budget for example, out of the estimates total budget of 1.45 Trillion Kenya shillings, only 451.7 billion was allocated for development purposes.

If all the civil servants want to take to the streets to demand a million shillings from us; where will we get the money to build roads or even schools from? The salaries commission should make it clear that the government is not rich enough to pay everybody millions and that those who want to get rich should do some private business, probably in Agriculture and ICT. This is particularly if the country is going to have any positive economic growth.

The teachers should be complaining about the millions that the lazy MPs and the permanent secreatries take home and not crying for a share of the action!


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