Self Esteem™

Ladies.. You want to know if your man is cheating? ..Ask to use his phone and walk out of the room.. Watch him follow you! Now that you’ve established that he’s cheating, ask yourself what it is that you’re doing wrong so it doesn’t happen again. You gotta realize that having a great pussy will only get you a great dick, not commitment and a wedding ring.. So, here’s what you need to do so that he’s around more often…

•Missing your man makes you appreciate him more, that’s why you gotta let him go cheat.. He will be back!

•Stop complaining to your girlfriends or on Twitter and Facebook about your man.. There’s lots of women that wish they were in your Shoes! Complaining about him is Free Advertisement for other Women to step in and appreciate that!

•Y’all gotta realize that if he’s cheating with a chic that’s…

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