Hush the Raila Talk


Presently, it has become increasingly difficult to express oneself without appearing to be either an irredeemable Raila sycophant or a sworn hater of the PM. It must be difficult being a journalist right now especially when everyone is struggling to say something that sounds objective in an electioneering period. In fact, you would get the impression everybody should announce out rightly whether they’ll vote Raila or not so they can save “our” time because that is all that determines whether we listen not.  People don’t care about the merits or demerits of your argument; you’re either with us not.

The recent Miguna book drama has been a very good example of this unfortunate state of affairs. A section has dismissed the book and its author without the slightest hint of ever reading it. They have opted to point at Miguna’s obvious show of arrogance and stopped there never caring for the substance of the book. Another group has rounded up the media and announced that the book contains “very serious allegations” against the PM. They don’t care to analyze any of the “allegations” in their rehearsed presentations to anxious journalists. An obscure civil society group even asked the PM to resign.

Of the many things that Kenyans can bother to listen to; must it always be about Raila’s blind haters and lovers? When Miguna and Sarah Elderkin are going for each other’s necks for near personal reasons, Kenyans have to move on and discuss issues as objectively as possible. This should be without fear of being labeled a Raila sycophant just because you mentioned that the PM is popular in Lang’ata or a Raila hater for saying that Mzee is quite a messy administrator.

Railamaniacs and Railaphobics are an insignificant group and should not hoodwink anyone into thinking they are that many. They are only the loudest and the most destructive since they spur ethnic hatred and muzzle others making them appear less intelligent or paid-up.  Fortunately, next general elections will be determined by those who neither harbor fanatical love nor hatred for Raila.


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