Hello world!

You see, I’m an introvert and you can’t get me chatting for hours without making me feel like i’m wasting time and getting embarrased in the process. So I wouldn’t be the best friend to tell all your problems or I might think your problems are infectious.

So my cousin took it upon himself to reduce me into those boring judges that everyone used to hate up until Mutunga showed up as CJ. I’m talking about those guys.. well heard of local tribunal?..no complaints tribunal..something boring you know. In short he wanted to let me on some of his many problems. Big mistake.

One of the crooks that also happen to be a student in the college in which he is an administrator had made away with the college TV. The college bosses were not very impressed and wanted to surcharge him if he didn’t get the thief. My good cousin wasn’t going to let them and his strategy was to get the thief by some means.

My first suggestion was that he approaches some witch docto r(What else is Mombasa good for?) The thief can get back the  TV and be made to pay my cousin a little compensation for the damages suffered. I didn’t forget to cite some success stories. We all must have heard of someone inexplicably returning some stolen item and apologizing while evidently possessed by some spirits. This stories are most common in Mombasa. That would explain why there are not very many pick pockets and other petty thieves in Mombasa.

My cousin was very impressed and immediately called one of the witchdoctors in town. He got instructions he had to follow but he hanged up in shock in when the witchdoctor announced his fees!

“He wants one thousand!” my cousin said looking surprised.” how can I give one thousand to recover a TV of only forty five thousand?” he posed.

“This is conman” he concluded and that is how the story ended.


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